It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Maybe not..?

+O. K.!; Chrysomallos K.
+Peculiar, cynical, etc.. Not easily shocked, unless physically approached from behind.

A lot of things have changed..! Yes, if people who knew me previously had noticed, I have changed my username to reflect that. Maybe this page eventually will, too... Previous entries will be wiped clean soon to make way for the future.





Minor update for the first time in ages:

I recently (well, a year or so now) moved to Hawai'i to be with my previously long-distance partner. I now live on a small, low-population island and am making my way by in life with a part/sometimes-almost-full-time job. I've been mainly focusing on the simple things (as there's not a tremendous amount else to focus on out here) while working towards the larger goal of moving back to the mainland with my companion.

Beyond that... well, there are a lot of plans. Time and hard work will tell, but my future is still geared towards being involved in music and the possibly-combined realm of video games, the former of which I've been working on via a lot of personal projects.


If a friend add is wanted, I'm completely open to accepting it, but if I don't know you prior in some shape/way/form, I'd at least like you to let me know why it is you've decided to do so.

My Journal

My journal has a few reasons for not being friend-locked (in most cases, not all), and though I'm not in the mood to go into detail at the moment, the main three are:

1) I don't particularly care what it is people read about me. I'm pretty passive. Make what you will of what I say, it's your choice, and if you decide I'm obnoxious, infuriating, venomous, selfish, boring, or whatever it is you come to a conclusion on, then I suppose I'm doing you a favour by letting you know that first-off. Otherwise, I apologize if I took up space on your monitor that could have been used for something else.

2) I've almost entirely given up on internet anonymity. It seems completely pointless to me at this point, unless under specific circumstances. Whenever I have reason to keep it, I seem to attract internet (or otherwise) drama like no freaking tomorrow, and people suddenly take a great interest in finding out who I am.

3) I have friends who do not have LJ accounts, and are either too lazy/busy/etc. to obtain ones for themselves, but would still like to read my entries.


Ah, yeah, I'm actually not all that cool. Just kind of lukewarm-rad. Like some kind of squirtle that's had its shell lit on fire for the purpose of a more damaging tackle.